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CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019

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Image of CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019
  • Image of CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019
  • Image of CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019
  • Image of CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019
  • Image of CPP | Winter Gift Set 2019

Limited to 30 Editions. The first 6 orders will come with an original sketch postcard. All sets include the following:

1 x Clamshell gift box featuring the 'Fallen Deer' illustration
1 x A6 Hand-bound pamphlet stitch blank notebook
1 x Insignia pin in high-polish silver and sunken black enamel on mandala backing card
1 x Greetings Card with cipher key to encode your well-wishes
1 x Annual subscription of Cryptogram Puzzle Post*

*Choose 'Year Two' at checkout to receive all 12 issues released between March 2018-February 2019. Or choose 'Year Three' at checkout to receive all issues currently released since March 2019, and continue to receive issues as they come out until the February 2020 edition is released. [NOTE: If the subscription name/address is different from the shipping address for your gift set please leave a note at checkout]

Cryptogram Puzzle Post is a monthly puzzle story about a young witch called Anna exploring the mysteries of a world not unlike our own. Each envelope contains a bundle of interlinking puzzles, codes, ciphers, riddles, spells and illusions inspired by witchcraft and alchemy; designed to conjure an intriguing and meditative reaction in the gamer and art appreciator alike.

Each issue stands alone and contains a series of numbered puzzles (i-vii). The solution to the first puzzle will give you a clue about how to solve the second and so on until you reach a final answer. Submit your answer to the e-mail to check its accuracy; or submit it with the other two envelope’s answers from this season to unlock a secret art prize. The envelopes are roughly A5-size and full-colour laser printed and the interior pages are all two-colour risograph prints.

You will receive your order 1st Class Signed For within the UK (1-2 days), and International Signed For overseas (approx 3-5 working days to Europe, 5-7 days working days to all other destinations).